Hello friend! I'm so glad you are here. I hope this blog encourages you today right where you are, challenges you to go just a little further than you though possible for yourself, comforts you with all the "me too"s because you are not alone, equips you with my (many) lessons learned, educated you with the reviews, informs you with favorite things. and more than anything I hope you feel more empowered to go live your day more fully yourself than when you first clicked here. I know your time is precious, and I have no intention to waste it. 

Blogs can seem overwhelming in knowing where to start, so I wanted to share a few of my most popular and/or my favorite posts below by the categories that I post within. You can click on the category image to see all the posts within that category. Or if a specific post resonates, click on the post title to see that one.


In the coming months I will be starting an interview series and also open up my blog to guest posts. Stay tuned!



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