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One of my absolute fave things to give Chris (my husband) on Father’s Day is a survey all about Dad. And Chris has proven it’s one of his favorite things too because he often tapes these to his bathroom mirror to remind himself of the words the girls said about him all year long.

So I made one that was a little more our style that included all of our favorite questions to ask the girls. But I thought you all might love this FREEBIE too!

Fill in your email address below and click the button: “I want that freebie!”. Then a link will appear on this same screen that will allow you to download the PDF.

If there are any issues, email and we will email you the PDF.

Also, will you pretty please post your pics of these and tag me (@beckykiser)?!

I LOVE seeing what kids say! Especially those littles, it is just too stinkin’ cute to see their writing and hear what they have to say about Dad!

And be the awesome friend you already are—send this page to your besties, so they can get this freebie too! TExt them right now with this link, and/or post this image (just right click or hold down on the image to save it) and add the link to a post on Facebook and Instagram.

This is a super easy way to make Dad feel super special this Father’s Day.

Tip: Your Dad would probably love this too. Print off a copy for you too and send it to him!

For anyone that is grieving the loss of their Dad this Father’s Day, please go to this page, I have a gift for you too—a FREE download of the Grief chapter from my book, Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos, More Jesus. I’m so sorry that this day is hard, and I so hope this helps, or at the very least feels like a giant hug!