We totally get that this sounds like the worst time ever to host a group, but we can also tell you with 100% confidence that there has actually never been a better time to host a group.

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Statistics prove that when you do something with others you are far more likely to see success. So let’s gather with others, because we were meant to be in community and we want you to actually do this thing you hope to accomplish—sacred holidays.

We love your heart to serve and lead. We know it’s not easy to say yes to this because you are busy. But this is one thing you will love adding to your plate. Pinky promise. You’ve been called to live holy and set apart, so let’s do that together during the holidays and all the ordinary days in between. Yes? Sign up below.

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We typically add groups to our Small Group page within 48 hours. You will also receive an email from Kelly Bosch, our Coordinator of Groups, to help you with next steps and give you access to our private Facebook Group for group leaders.

Is your group in person or online? *
If you aren't sure yet, then select in person. We can always switch it to an online group if you decide that works better for you.
Is your group private (closed to others) or public (open to anyone)? *
Either is completely fine! Do what is best for your group.
What will your group do together? *
You can select as many of these as you want. We will list whatever you select. Also, we can always add or update your listing if your group changes what you do together or you decide to do another book, study or resource another time. You are welcome to do two at the same time, just select both. We have many people who do the Book Club along with another resource. (Note: We also will remove any studies or resources if they've seasonally passed.)
We will only list the city and state. We will let them reach out to you to get a specific address. If your city is big and your want to be more specific then feel free to do so while still including the city and state (for example: Houston, TX - Spring Branch).
We've found that online groups that are open to the public are best when they have a certain focus, instead of being open to all women. Some examples include: Pastor's Wives, Single Mamas, College Girls, Colorado Women, Empty Nesters, 20-somethings, etc.
Host Name
Host Name
This email address will be shown for women to contact you IF your group is open to the public.
Host Address (this will NOT be posted publicly) *
Host Address (this will NOT be posted publicly)
This is optional--so if you don't have an Instagram or don't want to share it, you don't have to. When we list your group, we tag you in the listing so people can check you out. Plus, we love to follow our leaders! And others will love being able to "get to know" you before joining the group. If you don't have Instagram, but have a Facebook page or website, include that link instead so they have some way to check you out if they would like.
You do not need to have a co-host for your group. If you don't have a co-host name yet, you can let us know any time and we can add that.
If you are doing this with your church or organization, we'd love to know which one!


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You rock! SO proud of you for signing your group up. We can’t wait to connect with you more. We are here for you. We know leading and hosting isn’t easy, but it’s our hope that we can make it as easy as possible for you!

If you have any questions contact hello@beckykiser.com at any time.