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Hey there! I'm SO excited for you—planning an event that ministers to women is so much fun… and so much work! I've been in your shoes many times before and know the burden and the blessing of what you carry. You want to steward this event well. It's a lot. A lot of fun, a lot of pressure, a lot of praying, and a lot of planning in all the not-so-free-time you have. 

It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. Keep going!

You are doing all the hard work—the planning, prepping, and nurturing women long before they show up at your event. Women walk in hurting, tired, unsure, doubting and from the front of the room it is a miracle watching Jesus change their hearts. It's beautiful how He does it every single time. When His Word is opened, His truth spoken, our stories shared, lots of "me toos" confessed, and the Spirit breaks in and moves. Freedom comes. The whole reason for the event—that women would connect more with one another and with Jesus—happens. I'm so excited for you and your ladies. 

It would be SUCH an honor to partner with you to speak at your event.

I love working with event leaders to craft a custom message for your event because I believe that God has something unique for your group. I am always happy to work within a theme you have already decided or chat together to find the best message for your ladies. What you can always expect from my messages is that they are deeply rooted in scripture and that His Word will come alive to your women. You can count on me telling it straight and encouraging vulnerability by leading the way. And we will laugh a lot because what would a girls gathering be without a few tears and lots of laughter. 

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Tell me more about your event!

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If you have more questions, check out these pages or contact me.