Not Cancer + Not OK

I first heard "Not cancer!" about a month ago.

It's been a whirlwind since then-- more scares, some reliefs, and even more unknowns.

And I'm not OK.

I should be OK because I don't have cancer! But I'm not OK. I'm struggling and I feel so guilty about that. People say to me all the time, "Well at least it's not cancer!" or "At least it's treatable." So I feel like I should feel better. But I don't. 

I shared with you when we didn't know if it was cancer or not and my faith was strong. Fear still present but my faith was solid.

So I want to share with you today when it's not so solid because we need to all hear from one another even when things aren't all "God is amazing!!!!!!!" We need to hear from people when what we know is true about God is solid in our minds, but our hearts are struggling to connect to the truths.

(Don't worry, I'm not wallowing in a pit of self-pity. Words are often hard to convey, so please don't read this as melodramatic. I want to be honest with you all in the good and the not so awesome.)

I remember that afternoon after the doctor's appointment going to one of our favorite burger places and writing this on the wall:

It was unreal. Not cancer. I was crazy giddy!

It didn't get old the next day either. Or every little moment of each day following. It would hit me, "not cancer" and I'd be reminded all over again how different that day would've felt had we heard: "You have leukemia."

After a week the adrenaline started to wear off and I've felt a little stuck since then. It's been an unending rollercoaster with my health.  Had a second opinion follow up at MD Anderson a couple weeks after. That was sobering walking in there. More ideas from doctors. Then more waiting. Then more unknowns. My heart was and is exhausted.

In the midst of all this was life. Marriage, mommy to 3 young girls, friend, neighbor, etc. I have been mostly sucking at all my roles in life. Oh and during all of this, we were launching Advent with Sacred Holidays. No big deal. Just our biggest and busiest month of the year and all I can think in my head is: "Do I have Cancer? Only Jesus. Lord help me. Replace fear with faith. Your will. Your way. You are enough. Oh crap. Jesus be enough.... (rinse and repeat)."

Chris and I are doing good. I'm not dying. Sacred Holidays is blowing up awesome-- so many lives are a part of this, so many women in prison are joining us. 

I should be over joyed, right?

Yet, my heart has been exhausted, finally catching up to my body that's been off for a few months now.

I'm struggling in the unknown. My head and my heart both know all the things-- about God having a plan, that He can heal me, that He is using this, that this can be a good reminder to slow down, etc. I hear the answers in my head and I've heard them from so many as I share my funk with them. 

Here's what I'm learning: It's easier to trust God when there is a sense of control or absolutely no control, for me at least. I had no other hope but Jesus a month ago. There was nothing I could do to manipulate or control my numbers on those tests. Nothing. I'm excellent at getting things done, and I could do NOTHING. So trusting God, even with something as scary as leukemia, was easier than this wait of "we just don't know yet but we know these numbers tell us something is going on." The wait, regardless of what it is we are waiting for isn't fun for any of us!

Oh how I wish it was as easy as: sleep more, work out more, drink more water, etc. It's not.

We all find ourselves here often, don't we?

I don't have a pretty way to wrap this up. No answers for you.

Other than my heart and my head still know fully that Jesus is enough for all I'm going through, and whatever it is you are carrying. I also know He will use this for His glory and my good. Those things I find such confidence in!

When I was waiting to hear, "Cancer or Not Cancer," I could not stop reading and praying Isaiah 43. I made this print out and pasted it all over my house. You can get it by clicking the link below. I've customized it for what I was going through, but you can still use it, or make your own. I pray you are as encouraged as I have been reading what He says is true about Himself, us, and our situations of unknown or waiting. 

I've been excited about all the studies we've put out with Sacred Holidays, but I'm especially for this years-- He Is: The Attributes of God. This whole study focuses on a different attribute of God each day, and I so need it.

I would love for you to join me! Click the image below to preview the studies.

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Feel Everything + Think Everything + Then Let's Move On Together

Wow. So here we are today. Donald Trump is the President Elect. 

Some of you just shimmied your shoulders in glee and couldn't hold in the squeals of delight. 

Others of you just had that lump rise up in your throat again as tears brimmed your eyes and your mind is swirling today with anxious thoughts. 

For the rest of you, you've always been slightly indifferent-- stuck between two candidates you couldn't vote for and never believed in. 

This is a strange place. A place of division and conflict and most of us suck at conflict management. We just do. Even those that don't mind, or even thrive within, conflict, still suck at handling it the best way we could or should. 

Last night as I saw the election polls turning and we all knew who this would go to, I made the decision that I would delete my "Trump Cannot Become President (Also, could be titled: Not Every Christian is a Republican)" post.

Deleting this post and all the social media posts about it was hard for a few reasons:

  • One, I believed in and still strongly and fully believe in every word I wrote. Not a word of it do I recant. I didn't want it to appear that I have flip flopped on any of the issues I shared. While I disagree with many of the deductions other made about the post (that I was pro-choice, pro-Hillary, etc), I still believed and believe in the core messages that were intended. 
  • Two, it has brought a ton of traffic to my blog. As vain as that sounds, when you are a writer, traffic is good. To me traffic has never been about stats, but every stat is a person and I'm wild about people. Each and every "stat" is a heart I love madly and am honored they would come and spend some time here. The world wide web separates us, but also brings us together. I love that coming together with others.
  • Three, I lost a speaking engagement because of the words I shared. I strongly disagreed with the pastor's decision even if I respected it. I wasn't willing to remove the post then to keep the engagement, and the pride factor in me didn't want to give a perceived notion of victory to a stance I disagreed with. (I'm a truly insane person. Feel free to laugh or judge or both! Wink.)
  • Four (and 99% of the reason), there were many of you, on both sides of the issues, who felt like I spoke the words you've tried to voice for so long. I still get emails and messages daily from people saying thank you. You felt safe in this place and heard for the first time. I didn't want to let you down. I didn't want you to feel like you were alone in your thoughts and feelings yet again. 

So here is why I decided to delete that wildly loved and hated blog post: We have to move on.

I get you and BitMoji gets you because the have done a great job putting all the feels on the favorites page: 

Pretty sure most of us have felt all of those emotions this past 24 hours. 

I don't want you to rush past any of the feelings you have about this campaign or try to self help your way out of the thoughts swirling-- and there are many of both feelings and thoughts regardless of how you voted or didn't vote. 

Feel every bit of it today.

Think everything.

Listen to others.

Share with those you trust. 

Then we must move on. Not as victims or victors, but as people who love Jesus and one another. 

I deleted my blog post about Donald Trump because he is no longer The Donald, he is President (Elect) Trump. I will respect him. I will respect his office.

I'm asking that you would as well. You don't have to like him or agree with him. But let's change the culture we have and our children are inheriting of blatant disrespect for those that are different in belief or opinion.

Let's practice manners. Not for etiquette sake but for love's sake. 

To respect doesn't mean you have to agree.

I'm pretty sure there isn't a single candidate in the history of ever that each of us have fully agreed with. Let's be honest, there isn't a single person on the planet I've ever fully agreed with. My closest friends and family (including my hubs) are people I disagree with often, and they with me. But you know what? We can love and learn in the midst of this. In fact, I think we become better when we share, with love and grace, our disagreements. We share and listen to learn, not to find a stronger stance in our position. We seek to see all sides, not just the one that feels best to us (or seems best). And as we disagree we still say, I got your back and I love you. 

We are in this together, not alone. 

The answers have never been in an election's results. They just haven't. 

I hesitate to share this next part because I don't want it to seem like a bandaid. It's not a bandaid. It's not just words. The following must be our anchor in every storm and celebration: 

Our security is only found in Jesus. He is enough. 

He is enough for your fears and your joys. 

He is enough for times of peace and times of terrorist threats. 

He is enough for the traditionally married and the LGBT community.

He is enough for the poor and the rich. 

He is enough for black lives, white lives, latino lives, blue lives... all lives. 

He is enough for refugees and citizens and illegals. 

He is enough for the unborn baby and the woman carrying that little life. 

He is enough. 

We can feel feelings (He did several times). We are allowed to question and wonder (He did hours before His death and even on the Cross). We are allowed to rejoice and find relief (Jesus was all for celebrations-- His first miracle was wine for a wedding).

There is freedom in Christ to feel things and think things. And you will actually be a healthier person when you don't just do the right thing because you should, but you come to that place out of healthy processing.

Hope will only result when we come to Him with thoughts and feelings open before Him. 

Division is not for us. It's a lie and a great obstacle. Love must run deep.

So today we listen to God and one another. We do this without pride and without fear.

When each of those well up, and for many they will, we fight hard in the Spirit's strength not to stuff them down, but to lay them before Him and one another.   

Then we open His Word and we let His truth settle in over us. Fear and pride slip away when our gaze is less on Fox News or CNN, and instead fixed on His truth. So, whoever your feelings and thoughts take you today, settle in on His truth today. Read through the gospels and remind yourself of Jesus power. Read through Isaiah and remind yourself of the truth God desired to speak to a people far from Him. Read through Exodus and hear of how God leads is people in power. His Word will bring the hope you desire.

No more scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Turn off the TV, it isn't saying anything new.

Instead, go to Him. Share your thoughts and feelings honestly. Share with those you know and love and ask them how they are. Then make every effort to move on. And when fear or doubt or pride or security in someone/thing else creeps up, you stop and confess and surrender again. Continue this cycle. He will help you because He loves you. 

becky signature.jpeg

P.S. If you've made it all the way to the end of this post then we are friends, so please see my note below and use the promo code. Thank you for your time today. For listening. Would love to hear back from you on Facebook or Instagram in the comment threads. 

I wasn't sure if I'd share this next part because I really didn't want any of this to in any way appear to be promotional because it's not. But I've heard so many share in the past few days how much they need the Advent study we released through Sacred Holidays, He Is: The Attributes of God. I've heard so many say, they desperately need to be remind of who He is right now. Their security and confidence of been misplaced and they want to correct that. 

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So how will this work? Not exactly sure yet. Ha! We know we DO NOT want this to make the holidays more chaotic for you. No one needs ANOTHER thing to do during the holidays. However, research proves that when people gather together there is greater accountability to finish something and you get more out of it. 






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You will do the Bible study independently during the week and then we will come together to discuss weekly. The study has discussion questions, so we will go through those and/or go wherever the group goes organically. This study is Advent/Christmas focused while studying the attributes of God. Each day a different attribute of who God is, written by myself and 24 other rockstar contributors

Here are a few more details about our group:

  • Every Sunday, Nov 27 (First day of Advent) through Dec 18. We will not meet to discuss the last week since that is Christmas day. The group will pick a final date to wrap up and celebrate likely after the holidays. 
  • 7:30 to 9pm. We want to start late enough for those that have families to be able to still be with them through dinner, but maybe you can skip out on bedtime (score!). We also will be strict to wrap up by 9pm for those who work or aren't night owls. We will be prompt to start and end on time.
  • Happy Hour (Really Happy Half Hour). Our home will open up starting at 7pm for snacks and holiday spirits. We will have super yummy treats that are not sugar free or weight watchers approved (sorry, not sorry). We will also have a special holidays cocktail each week along with water and coffee. 
  • We will meet at my home in the Woodlands, Texas. I will share the address with those that sign up. 
  • Anyone is welcome... while space is available. I am capping this group at 25 people. So once we've had that many people sign up, then we will close registration. Womp womp. 
  • We need you to be committed to the group. Since space is limited, we need to know you are committed to this. Of course we don't want to add one more thing to your plate. A big heart of Sacred Holidays is simplifying your Christmas. So we don't want to just fill your calendar with another thing. So if your calendar is full, this might not be the best year for you. We are asking for everyone that signs up, that they commit to coming to at least 3 of the 4 sessions. 

Sounds like something you should do? Sign up TODAY!

So sorry, this group is full. Hope you can join next time! You can check out the Sacred Holidays Small Groups page to see if there is another one in your area. 


SOOOO hope you can do it! 

I don't want it to be cancer

We weren't sure if we would share this publicly. We had actually decided not to. But this weekend I felt like I needed to. I hope this connects with you and encourages some of you. I don't ever want to be an over sharer on the world wide web. But I've also learned that vulnerability, as scary as it can be, is also crazy beautiful. Vulnerability unites us. Allows us to share our "me too"s. Vulnerability allows us to come around one another, in a world that is full of facades and filters. 

So here is my vulnerable share today. My offering to you. My offering to the Lord. 

Two and a half weeks ago I sat in a doctor's office and heard the words, "It could be cancer."

I know. What in the world?!

Two months before that I had gone to the doctor because I was ridiculously tired. Not the normal, I have three kids and run a ministry tired, but that times 10. Imagine a 90-year-old going through their first trimester in pregnancy and then you'll have an idea of the kind of tired I'm talking about. This night owl was falling asleep every night by 9pm even after taking a nap during the day. I hate sleep. When asked what super power I wish I could have it would be the ability not to have to sleep. It feels like such a waste of time. (Please feel free to laugh at me. I know I'm ridiculous.)

I thought that I might be depressed. The last time I could remember feeling "off" like this was when I had Post Partum Depression after having Moriah. So I went to the doc.

Thankfully he was thorough and said, "I can put you back on anti-depressants to see if that helps but I want to run a few tests too." (Friends, I cannot stress to you how important it is that you get your annual physical (and if you are a woman, your annual other doctor appointment).)

A few days later I got the call, "Mrs. Kiser, we are going to need you to come back in two weeks so we can re-test you. Your white blood cells were mildly elevated. It's likely nothing, could be elevated from stress, but since you weren't sick it is unusual, so we just want to re-check."

I thought nothing of it and went back two weeks later.

Then I got the next call a few days later, "Mrs. Kiser, your white blood cell count went up some more and your platelets have risen too. We are going to need to refer you to a Hematology Oncologist just to get things checked out. Again, no need to worry because they were just mildly elevated, but you do need to be seen by a specialist." After further questions, because that's what you do when you hear Oncologist, I learned that a Hematologist (blood doc) is also an Oncologist (cancer doc). I could have anything from nothing at all, to a blood disorder, to a "very slim chance" of cancer. Again, they repeated the words mildly elevated, I took a deep breath and relaxed.

Two weeks I had to wait. 

The Lord was so sweet during this time. He knew all of this. He knew I would need both some rest and time to process. A trip, I had booked months before any of this, to Colorado was three days later.

I needed that time away to process. It was a retreat for dreamers and doers. To get to dream about what I would do next, in light of what I could be facing, was life giving. The perspective gave me courage to dream bigger and also courage to not chase other dreams. I had perspective of what actually mattered. (I need to blog about this another time.)

I tend to be an under-reactor when it comes to medical things. One of the gifts of having had so many surgeries and medical issues in high school and college, it gives perspective. My friends and family however, took this seriously. I didn't tell very many people because I honestly thought it was no big deal. I had heard "mildly elevated" from the doctor's lips enough times to leave me unconcerned. Google proved that it could really be anything, so why should I waste time worrying? My closest people rallied around me-- praying and watching kids and going with me to the appointment.  

The wait was over. I snapped this picture as I waited, knowing that for the coming months, if not for the rest of my life, this appointment would be a marker of before this day and after this day. 

I was sitting before the Hematologist, trying my best to crack jokes that would make him laugh. He didn't bite. I'm OK with that. I don't need to be besties with my doc. I prefer for them to be smarter and more focused than I tend to be.

He asked lots of questions about my history and how I was today. He went over my previous lab results. He pushed and poked all over.

Then he tried to explain what it all could mean as best he could in common person english (which is hard for really smart people, again something I don't mind). He said it could be many things but he narrowed it down to what he thought was most likely going on: a rare blood disorder or leukemia.


"Excuse me?" I actually said that to him. "You actually think I could have cancer?" To which he finally laughed, as if I finally understood why he was taking all this seriously, and said, "Yes."

It could still be anything. I know that. He also said that some people test high but have nothing going on. So I know it could be anything. I know it could be the rare blood disorder that only takes a baby aspirin a day to keep controlled.

But cancer is an actual option.

He spelled out the kind for us, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. They call it the lucky cancer if you have to get cancer. 10 years ago it was a death sentence. 10 years ago no one lived longer than 5 years. They've had a big breakthrough and there is a medicine now that will hold the cancer stable (since you can't technically go into remission with chronic cancer) if it's caught soon enough. A pill a day, that's all.  For those that have this diagnosis, I've read it's not as easy as that. Chronic cancer means it doesn't go away, not even with a magic daily chemo pill that doesn't make you lose your hair. 

Cancer is cancer and cancer sucks.

So now we wait until this Wednesday, Oct 19 at 11:30am CST.

Why am I sharing all this with you? I honestly don't know. Other than I've been telling Chris since the beginning I think I am supposed to. And this weekend it felt clear that I should, that I needed to even. I hope its so you are encouraged. I hope it's so you have some perspective. We never know what others are dealing with. But if I'm honest, I really just want you to pray. 

Pray for this to be nothing.

Pray for healing. 

Pray for me to be OK and trust God during this wait. 

Pray for Chris. This is more for him to bear. This will mean as much for his life as it does mine.

As we've started to share, the first question I get is, "How are you? How is Chris?"

We are OK. Some days good, some great, some pretty low.

Right now we are pretty good. We are making lots of jokes and I am trying to milk this for all I can. I got to have a shopping spree the other day because it could be my last. :) (FYI: It wouldn't be. Again, lots of treatment options. Just me being me. I've told a few friends when I stop joking about this then they can get worried.)

I've cried and been sad at the possibility of what could be. No one wants this. This mom with 3 little girls really doesn't want it to be cancer. Not only do I want to be alive to see so many of their days but I want to live each of those days fully.

But I also know I'll be OK regardless of what the doctor tells me on Wednesday.

I'll be good even. That whole peace of God that passes all understanding is so true. It's not even a longing for heaven thing because I want to live, even though I don't fear death. Paul said that too-- to live is Christ, to die is gain. I don't want it to be serious-- there's a lot more living (for Christ) I'd like to do!

Even so, regardless of what the coming weeks bring, He is so good. (Endless scriptures prove it.

His ways have always been better than the stories I try to write for my days. (Isaiah 55:8-9

I don't know how He is going to use it yet but I know He will. (Jeremiah 29:11-14

The day after I found out the possibilities, I was scheduled to speak at a women's retreat. I wanted so badly to cancel but I knew I couldn't. I knew God was in this. And it was at the beach. I've often said that my chosen sanctuary is the beach. I love my church wildly but God's presence is never more tangible, for me, than when I'm at the beach. When you see this, it's hard to deny Him. 

They had chosen the theme and the verses-- God Will Not Desert You from Isaiah 43. For weeks I had been studying the theme of God never deserting His people in scripture. I thought it was for them, and it was, but it was also for me.

Would you join me in praying this?

Little snippets from Isaiah 43 (plus some side notes from me):

Thus says the Lord (master over all things), your Creator,... He who formed you (every cell in my blood stream-- healthy and potentially cancerous)... "Do not fear (He sees that I am a little scared), for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine (He cares about me just as I care about those who are mine)! When (not if) you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they will not overflow you (even if they come chin deep). When (not if) you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched (remember shadrach, meshack and abednego-- in the fire, never singed), nor will the flame burn you. For I am the Lord your God,...Since you are precious in my sight (He sees you), since you are honored and I love you (not just the world, but you specifically),... Do not fear (He knows that even knowing all these things I'm still afraid), for I am with you (he doesn't desert us in our fears)... You are my witnesses and my servants whom I have chosen (He will use even this to share about His goodness, He chose you for this), so that you may know and believe Me and understand that I am He (let all of this draw you closer to Him). I, even I, am the Lord, and there is no savior besides Me (no baby aspirin or chemotherapy or trial study group can save you). ... Thus says the Lord, who makes a way through the sea (remember how He did something so insanely awesome as parting a sea in half for His people?!!!) and a path through the mighty waters... Do not call to mind the former things or ponder things of the past (this seems strange to not think about what has happened, but He is saying He can do even greater things that what's happened in the past-- so move forward with Him!). Behold, I will do something new (this new you don't know because it has never existed-- brand new), now it will spring forth (you don't have to wait 3 weeks for Him to move); will you not be aware of it? I will make a roadway in the wilderness (what?! amazing!), rivers in the dessert (not just provide water but will bring about an entire river!) to give drink to my chosen people. The people whom I formed for myself will declare my praise."  

I printed these verses out and taped them on my bathroom mirror and fridge. I pray them over myself multiple times a day. If you would like to join me in praying, I'd love for you to download these verses too and pray. 

Finally, (and I promise to wrap up this world's longest post) I have to share something from this past Sunday at my church. We sang a song I know I've sung a thousand times and this time it quite literally threw me to my knees. The tears couldn't be stopped. 

I give you my life / I give you my trust / Jesus / You are my God / You are enough / Jesus, Jesus / My heart is yours / My heart is yours / Take it all, take it all / My life in your hands / I lay down my life / I take up my cross / Jesus / You are my God / Whatever the cost / Jesus, Jesus / All to Jesus I surrender / All to You I freely give / Oh I will ever love and trust You / In Your presence daily live

I give you my life. So many times I have sung that song, I was actually in the crowds of the video below. I would open my hands wide open, imagining Him taking all my plans for my life and in turn accepting His plans for my days. I had always opened up my plans, never my actual life. I have never sung those words and thought my life as in my existence. To sing these words with that perspective was heart wrenching and freeing, sobering and beautiful. It was a powerful moment I will never forget. 

You see, that morning I had woken up anxious. Racing heart like you get after you have too much coffee. I couldn't settle. I had googled the day before (stupid, stupid thing to do) and it left me filled with fear of what could be. I heard stories of what the worst case scenario could be. It didn't feel lucky. 

I opted for dry shampoo instead of a shower, and I pulled out my concordance and looked up every verse on anxiety in the Bible and I wrote them out. 

If you are dealing with anxiety about anything-- big or seemingly insignificant-- I highly recommend this. Not a bandaid quick fix but continuous hope.

I can't encourage you enough to fill your mind and heart with words that are true and bring life. It will help you in surrendering your life. 

So now we all wait together... Thank you for joining me and Chris in the wait. I'm so grateful. 

So will you pray for me? of us?

This Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016 at 11:30am CST we will know. 

We will let you know as soon as we can.

Not sure if it will be on this blog (subscribe in right column for updates), Instagram or Facebook. So you are welcome to follow me on any of those places to get updates quickly. 

If you are dealing with some health issues as well, I highly recommend these two sermons: 

Jesus Heals a Blind Man (Thoughs on Healing) from Mark 10 by Jason Shepperd at Church Project  (my church home). (This sermon was preached last week. So timely. He shared a little bit about our story as well. Our church family has been so good to us during this.)

Death and Life in Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi at Houston's First Baptist (our old church home).

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Hello sweet friends!

I know Christmas feels one billion days away because it's just now fall (even though in the south it still feels like summer). We still have to have Halloween and Thanksgiving. I know. I get it. 

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